Brain Content

We use a number of cutting-edge products and training coursework help sigmaessays programs to ensure the students progress in their English skills at an advanced rate.


DynEd is an English learning program which contains speech recognition and video technologies. There are 19 courses which each learner can download what they want to learn including placement test and improvement test. If you want to know details of each course, go to you can check them out.

Reading Assistant

The Reading Assistant product uses speech-recognition technology to provide students with computer-based, one-on-one tutoring for guided oral reading practice.  Students first listen to the audio-voice and then record their voice by reading the story in the book.custom writing uk They will have a book list according to their level test results. After using this program to study independently, students will have a one-on-one lesson or group lesson with you.

Fast Forword

Our Fast ForWord LANGUAGE Series products build foundational elementary school reading and language skills to help students learn successfully in the general classroom. Support all children in meeting challenging state academic standards and improve state test scores with the Fast ForWord LANGUAGE Series. Provide extra academic support and learning opportunities in reading and language for struggling students, including at-risk students, ELL students, and special education students.

About Korea

“About Korea” is training program that helps Korean students introduce features of Korea in English. There are many people around the world who are interested in Korea and want to know about Korea, but it is not easy for Korean students to introduce Korea in English to them. Through this course, Korean students will have opportunities to practice introducing Korea in English with their English native teacher and will be able to introduce about Korea in English with confidence by the end of this program. English native teachers will have opportunities to get to know about Korea as well. During the lessons, teachers will mostly ask questions on each topic to students, and students will answer it. But with every lesson, teachers should include teaching activities since students will no doubt have difficulty in understanding some English expressions which are constitute key vocabulary and phrases related to introducing Korea to non-Koreans.

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